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😁Good staff and very helpful as always, a good courier company
😡On Saturday morning I get an email that the package has been delivered. I asked myself where I am at...

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GLS Ireland Limerick Depot, Annacotty, County Limerick
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Grange Upper, Annacotty, County Limerick, Ireland
Open Hour
Telephone 01860 6200
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Agnieszka Wolek - 2023-06-27

On Saturday morning I get an email that the package has been delivered. I asked myself where I am at home and there is no package. I tried calling the GLS office but they don't work on weekends. I sent an email where is my package. I receive a reply to change the delivery method and phone number for the driver OK. Monday morning I called the driver and I get a message that my package was left in the hallway another block and I should pick it up myself, I should just find it. I was very disappointed and angry WHY?? ?No one even called me, the driver just left the package in the corridor where the door is open 24/7. I told him it's his responsibility he has the address on the box but he blames me that I didn't looking the package (I recorded our conversation). I email the office to complain and they want to talk to the driver. l thought my package is gone someone just took it stole. Thank god the lady who lives in another block of flats saw the package, took a photo where the driver left my package. I collected my parcel on Monday evening because that lady works out of town. But in the end they don't care about your packages for the money you spend on them. Just avoid it if you can. We pay for shipping and what do we get????

Ibmalik Sanni - 2023-06-05

I have never once thought I'd leave a bad review on this company but here I am doing it. They don't keep to their promise of 5-6day shipping promise. Can't even give me a reason for my postage delay. Useless company Dirt.

Realta 140 - 2023-07-10

Worst company ever. The worst experience to date was when they stated they didn’t have my correct address after they delivered items to my house three times prior. I would have never gotten my package if I didn’t track the item because it was in the warehouse for days not once did they contact me for my information for it to be delivered. Every time I’ve bought an item from a company that uses GLS they always just leave the package in my garden on the ground. Never come to the door. Never call to say they are there. Don’t give me a minute to get out of door before they take off. The boxes also always come absolutely battered. Ridiculous Use DHL or DPD

Sk Adhikari - 2023-07-15

Very bad service, such a careles and irresponsible courier, didn't come to pick up parcel on booked date instead cancelled collection! Please avoid GLS!

Philip - 2023-03-24

Absolutely unreliable, full of lies and don't give a hoot about customer experience.

Anna - 2023-01-13

Poor customer service in the depot. I was left waiting for ~10mins collecting a parcel for a housemate as a favour. Pressed the doorbell and called out "hello" as well every few minutes, no response. Whole time I could hear the guy working there in the next room watching reels and clearing his throat. A male customer arrives and the guy working there pops out immediately and only talks to him until he's like "she was here first". Unreal. Gave me the impression the guy working there is a misogynist.

Josh L.enright - 2022-12-26

Horrible and uneducated crowd to deal with, worst customer service (if it can be called that) ever to exist in Ireland. If you ever order something and it’s fulfilled by these cowboys- good luck Don’t even look at their reviews on Trustpilot!?

Venus Noir - 2022-12-22

Good staff and very helpful as always, a good courier company

Ciaran O'connor (ciarsz) - 2023-02-27

Went above and Beyond today Thanks

P.j. O Donoghue - 2021-06-24

The lads are spot on ! Great communication, very polite and helpful and on time.

Wagner Becker - 2023-01-18

it's the worst courrier delivery ever. try to avoid it

Grzegorz Ryś - 2021-01-11

They don't care about packages at all They don't care about the packages

Sinead Devane - 2021-01-24

Excellent service & really lovely to deal with . I’ve had huge positive feedback from my customers Sineads Boutique

Lukas Gabriel - 2022-01-02


Allison O Reilly - 2022-04-24

I did not receive my parcel and the signature on it is wrong I’m mean the Eircode my Eircode is E34FP62

Lauren Harrington - 2021-01-27

Had several deliveries now through this company and the they couldn't be more friendly and efficient! On one occasion I had to have a package delivered to another address and the driver went out of his way to do it on the way home from his days work that evening! He could've easily just brought it to the depot and left me sort it myself. Excellent service

Alex - 2022-02-03

My first ever negative review as I don’t like to complain even I have to. It’s just helpless and useless crowd to deal with. First they charged me for UK shipment then they wanted me do download some app that works on android only (I’ve iPhone) then came home and didn’t work out for me on a desktop, tried on different computer then figured out the app is not working properly. My parcel was returned because off the app wasn’t possible to download. Seems I must to buy a new phone just to send the parcel to UK for once. They won’t refund either or help with the app. DONT use their UK service unless you’ve android. Cause they can’t fix and make right their system

Brendan Murray - 2019-12-25

Excellent service and very friendly staff. Very reasonable rates too.

Matthew Howard - 2020-11-04

Multiple shipments received late and destroyed.

Michael Corcoran - 2021-05-25

My parcel has not been delivered. Twice it's been in annacotty- four days apart. Then in another depot- twice. Nice if it would be delivered. Parcel in this country 8 days now.

Bryan Corish - 2020-09-29

Slow service, had to hussle for service

Adam Karnia - 2022-02-18

Terrible customer service. When I rang to them thay said that parcel is on the way and will be delivered today. I was waiting for courier all day. He didn't call me and didn't deliver my parcel. It was gift for my wife for her birthday.

Linda Hoare - 2020-06-03

They have indicated that I have received a parcel no parcel received tired to call no answer no idea where parcel is

Alan Mooney - 2020-09-11

Use couriers frequently. These guys couldn't be more helpful or punctual. Head and shoulders above the others. Rang Dublin depot re: delivery status, transferred me to Limerick depot. Took my number rang me back on the way with the package which was quite large. Very responsive and informative, will use again.

Grey Hound - 2021-09-08

First notification 26th.august Than failed to deliver because their driver can not read or dial a phone number. X3 times on different days I called the head office with clearinstructions. No delivery again on the 1st september No delivery again on the 5th september. The seller from Germany called me long distance to apologise TWICE and asked me to yet again ring them so the parcel does not get send back. I did call AGAIN with the same clear instructions to call my number or leave parcel with the neighbours. NO DELIVERY AGAIN !!! It is now the 8th september 15 days still not delivered. I am sure the products are well mangled up by now. Might as well trash the whole thing altogether. Pure USELESS SERVICE. Also lie on the phone about delivering and than do nothing at all. Avoid at all costs. I get deliveries from UPS, FedEx, FastTrack, DPD , AnPost, Amazon, Ebay and USPS each week....never have I dealt with such inefficient company. How they still exist amazes me. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Matt Heffernan - 2020-04-27

a book given to GLS on Thursday 23 April NOT received yet Monday night 27 April. book from Dublin to Newport Co Tipperary. yet according to GLS web site National parcels usually reach their destination within a standard delivery time of less than 24 hours. Very poor service. An Post would deliver next working day, I would have the book by Friday 24 April.but with GLS STILL IN TRANSIT

Eimear Cahill - 2021-07-21

Parcel was in annacitty at 6am out for delivery in the can at 9am. Up as not delivered due to traffic at 16.36. Passed GLS van in town 10min drive from our home between 1.30pm and Rang customer services poor Jason got a flat tyre and it took him 1hr30mins to change it. So he couldn't finish his deliveries. Offered to meet the driver on the road not an option. Customer services said I could pick it up in limerick as they were open until 6pm BUT to be sure and ring before I turned up as well it may not be signed back in. The number he gave me to ring was 061-335691 however that number is not answered after 5pm as per answering machine. So I have no idea of Jason or my parcel made it to Limerick what I do know is after paying extra for next day delivery it wasn't delivered inspite of it rattling around in a van not far from our home.

Esther Lucas - 2020-08-14

Just want to thank your driver for the quilty area he has been very helpful finding my order and ensuring it was delivered to me more helpful than the company i purchased from. And keeping in contact less than 24hrs and he had it sorted

Archi - 2020-12-04

3 orders all lost for a vital shower component to GLS. Status on the latest delivery says delivered. No delivery was attempted ever, no notice left or anything. I can only assume the other two previous deliveries had the same happen. Note that this is going on more than a month. Tried to call dublin depo, no response ever, filled out contact response. The limerick number on google isn't even correct. Completely and utterly pathetic service.

Darraghmufc _ - 2020-04-26

Recently delivered a package into one of my neighbours(they didn't attempt to deliver it to my address) my neighbour signed for it(with my name) and didn't give me the package until I knocked on his door 2 hours later and asked for it. My neighbours are not the kind you can leave packages with and that will give them to you straight away. I'm lucky all I ordered was a phone case and not a PC or something similar. The neighbour even said he "usually opens packages and takes a peek" please take care to deliver to the right address, I know we're in a pandemic but with an eircode attached you really think that it could be delivered to the right address. Customer support haven't even gotten back to me. I have no idea why companies would choose such unreliable delivery services.

Cisca Bos - 2019-07-22

Great courier, we live out in the country and no problem for the driver unlike other services. Happy customer!

Knives Ireland - 2021-02-05

ok im changing my rating to five stars had issues in the past, but ordered package in France Tuesday lunch time received in Tipperary Friday lunch time, thats excellent given the current situation.

Lynda Mcintyre - 2020-06-04

I have been waiting for a package from Enniskillen, express post paid and I'm still waiting. Express delivery is so it's delivered within two days, ( no guarantee) I It's been a week now, the tracking says it's signed for by me !!! Which it wasn't I've emailed them, tried to call them, no joy. I think if you want to get rid of something stick in with GLS, they'll do the job for you I think if you want to get rid of something send

Pat Oconnor - 2019-09-20

second time i have had parcel not delivered for 3 + days from this company both parcels were bought on different websites i told shops they need to change courier wouldn't mind but i am only 3 hours from GLS depot be bloody quicker if i went, what they get paid for ???????? :( next working day delivery hahaha big laugh with this company GLS

Tonie Walker - 2020-03-12

Disappointed with their customer service. Saw my parcel status online that they cannot deliver due to missing information then i phoned them to check. The lady i talked to didn’t asked any additional information rather just saying my parcel will be delivered within the day. Waited whole day but no news of my parcel. Phoned them again before 6pm to find out my parcel still on hold due to missing mobile number. Wasted the day waiting.

Christopher Daly - 2019-04-18

Quick delivery from Belgium to Ireland. 4 working days

Anthony Leahy - 2019-03-27

Thanks for the fast delivery driver sound nice chap

Mahmood Abdullah - 2020-05-01

By far one of the worst delivere compay I have ever dealt with. I was waiting on a parcel to come on Wednesday I called the depot they said it is out for delivery with the driver waited till 6pm like they said but nothing showed up, so I thought do you know what it's all good I will receive my package today Thursday so I called the depot and that's when the service got even worse that it already is, so I asked will I be receiving my package today same answer it's out for delivery with the driver, I told her your clearly lying to me because you told me this yesterday she said they were busy and that I definitely be getting it today by 6pm bare in mind their depot close at 4/5pm it's just so that you can't call and say I didn't receive because sure it's out with the driver for delivery till 6pm so they are covered anyway didn't receive the item on Thursday so now I have been lied to for 2 days straight. Friday comes no package yet I have tried to call the depot but sure there lines are closed. I will never ever ever be dealing with that compay ever again. One last thing I wouldn't have mind if they said that they have a very busy unusual week and that I might have to wait longer but to tell me that my package is out for delivery in the van with the driver for 2 days straight and make me stay at home waiting for it is ridiculous.

Philippe Laprade - 2019-06-20

Good online tracking on my parcel. I knew when my item was out for delivery and it arrived by noon.

Mohammed Al Abdaly - 2020-04-30

The worst thing I have ever dealt with, I'm meant to get my package 2 days ago i haven't got anything yet, everytime I call the depot they tell me "your package is witg the driver and it would be delivered today" it's been with the driver for 2 days. I have asked the depo to leave my package with them and I'll collect it but sure no they couldn't do even that because the driver has my package for 2 days, so I have been stock now I can't drive to get it and the driver doesn't seem to want to deliver it. I got to a stage where I am so confused as to what to do🤷‍♂️

Gemma Quinn - 2020-06-24

appalling service i have been held captive in my home for 1 week waiting for them to collect a parcel . mailbox full , no response from phones , scandalous

Tony Byrne - 2020-12-06

Claimed they delivered my parcel at a certain time and claimed it was scanned as delivered but I still did not have it , went back to depot then they claimed it was NOT TO LOCATE wat ever that means

Marijus Kazlauskas - 2020-11-06

Disappointed.went to them to collect my parcel.after 30min of searching.they couldn't find my parcel .they stayed it would be delivered first thing next 3days past still don't know where is my parcel.

John Cotter - 2021-10-28

Worst parcel delivery service in Ireland, my parcel is in limerick depot 3 day's still not delivered, parts for vehicle taken up lift..

Edward Outthere - 2020-11-24

Waiting for package now 6 days GLS a circus keep telling me it will be delivered still waiting so got on to german HQ not impressed been dealt with as I write DONT USE GLS

Michael Gardiner - 2019-04-19

Still waiting on a delivery from Limerick to Ennis after three days. Dreadful service!!

Pat Kenny - 2018-08-16

Courier never phoned to give time of delivery as he had my phone number it should not have been a problem

J C - 2020-07-01

Got message from GLS to say my parcel was delivered at 8.57am this morning, at 8.57am this morning I was outside talking to my neighbour and I received NO delivery, my parcel still hadn't arrived!!

Stasys - 2023-03-22


Blade 69 - 2022-03-08