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😁Very satisfied with their service. The items are tracked and always deliver on time and intact. Woul...
😡On the 6th day of the two-day expected delivery....xd 😆🤣

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GLS Ireland Dublin Depot, Swords, County Dublin
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Horizon Logistics Park, Swords, County Dublin, Ireland
Open Hour
Telephone 01860 6200
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Dávid Olti - 2021-12-13

On the 6th day of the two-day expected delivery....xd 😆🤣

Eric Walsh - 2021-09-02

Very satisfied with their service. The items are tracked and always deliver on time and intact. Would recommend

R Killian - 2023-05-14

I asked this company not to deliver an item as I'd cancelled the order. The only way I had to cancel from the other company was to refuse delivery. I explained this in great detail the day before. I was assured they would tell the courier. This failed to work. The next day I FOUND a parcel dropped on my door step. NO communication no knock on the door. Pathetic. So I'm now in the situation of having to now return this. I just can't believe or get over the gross incompetence of some companies.

Cormac Kerrigan - 2023-06-26

How is it acceptable for your courier drivers to be delivering items to homes, unannounced and before 8am in the morning?!

John Gallagher - 2022-02-17

Excellent .service, parts ordered from Cork yesterday at midday, arrived this morning 09.45...even before the postman

Laurence A. Skelly - 2022-12-22

Very helpful crew here. Sorted out parcel collection efficiently and quickly with a friendly approach. Great stuff!!

Deirdre Mcevoy - 2022-03-01

Excellent customer service. I would definitely use GLS again.

Alexandru Stasiuc - 2021-12-31

On the Web site show they are open,nobody answer on phone,I went over to the depot and gate are close, You are no great lads👎

Arturs Celmins - 2023-02-24

GLS rating is well deserved. It is the most slowest service I have ever experienced. I wish I never met them 🤦🏼‍♂️

Con M - 2020-09-08

We have been partnered with GLS since May 2018 and I was hesitant opening an account with them due to the negative reviews I saw on here and on Facebook. Apart from a few mishaps which are usually sorted out quickly by our account manager Sean who is excellent btw, the company is overall very reliable and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend GLS to other businesses looking for economical shipping rates and overall great service. Looking forward to staying with them throughout 2019 and beyond!. UPDATE: We had since had to file multiple claims for lost parcels, damaged parcels and so on. So we stoped using GLS in December 2018 and partnered with DHL in January 2019. No parcels missing and only 1 damaged parcel since we switched to DHL out of 2,000+! .

Justmeandmybike - 2023-07-05

GLS is the most unreliable delivery service in Ireland. It is the cheapest in many cases but absolute shocking service. I have received and posted packages in the past and almost always there is an issue either with the package being damaged/opened or huge delay. Most of delivery drivers I dealt with were rude and uprofessional to say at least. Received today package and the driver didn't bother closing the gate behind him just left it swinging. Save yourself hastle and got with other courier service, any of them, really doesn't matter which one.

Dd Palaciovecchio - 2022-12-06

Driving through dun laoghaire/ Mounttown like a 'Formula One' driver. Running through red lights. 1:45pm, December 6th.

Jesse Nolan - 2022-08-04

Edit: happened again, read below. Said "this parcel is expected to be delivered during the day" for days and it still hasn't turned up. Avoid buying from anyone who uses this delivery service.

Ilona Sinkunaite - 2021-08-11

I talked to Craig from Customer Service and I am super happy as the issue was solved very fast and delivery well received

Gloria E. Casanova Molina - 2023-06-09

on June 06 we scheduled a baggage pick-up for June 08. The driver came on June 07, a day that was impossible for us (that's why we scheduled it for June 08), so he didn't find anyone at home. The day he was formally scheduled and was supposed to pick up the luggage, he did not come. We spent hours waiting at the gate, we called the call center many times and they did not give us an answer. On the morning of the 09th, the day of our trip, we had to change the flight schedule to try to solve the luggage issue, for the same day at 6pm (which meant an additional expense). When we called the operator, she laughed at our problem and told us that the only option was that the driver would come at 3pm or that we could carry the luggage ourselves. Obviously, neither option was possible for us. Given all this, the expense of money and the stress of the whole situation, added to the fact that when we arrived in Ireland we contracted the same service with you and our luggage arrived 2 weeks late. We have paid twice for a mediocre service, which does not have the proper guarantees to the consumer, and does not provide any security.

Sofia D - 2023-04-11

Really helpful customer service! They arranged delivering my parcel after I missed the delivery van.

Karen Armstrong - 2023-02-08

Want to loose €500? Then do like i did & and chose GLS via Parcel Direct for your delivery! It was supposed to be a straight forward delivery to Italy. I insured it. A month on and it's still somewhere but not at the destination - despite having a fully correct address and telephone number. The receiver even attempted to call the local courier - no answer. GLS told me that I don't know the correct address, the recipient doesn't know their own address either apparently and therefore no insurance claim can be made because the parcel isn't lost. This was a return that needed to arrive within 14 days. I am at the loss of €500. GLS was the courier company who cost me €500 supported by Parcel Direct.

Zipper Vlogs - 2021-08-04

Worse company ever sign parcel delivered but didnt scam

Stu - 2022-01-12

Saw one of their drivers fling a package eight feet from the street into someone's driveway just now in the Butterfield area of Rathfarnham. Couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Ger Hughes - 2023-01-23

Ordered to Dublin 9 and wasn't home had the most helpfull driver contact me to arrange another time id be there, jan 2023

Jacek Chudzik - 2021-03-01

The package was delivered, everything was secured inside, but they could probably throw it so that the rubberized casing could crack There was no trace on the package how they did it.....

Arthur Cabeli - 2022-04-12

The deliveryman called before coming, and delivered package in hand. Greatly appreciated as other services routinely leave items unattended in the lobby of my building.

Adam Rooney - 2022-07-05

Excellent customer service would 100% recommend.

Fedora Connoisseur - 2021-04-06

Do yourself a favour and avoid using GLS at all costs. There are better more reputable companies to choose over these charlatans. Shocking.

Jarlath Byrne - 2021-06-05

Got our business sorted quickly and efficiently. Not easy to get to but got there eventually!

Pat Lucey - 2021-11-12

Incompetent, package delivered to a house in a different estate which was kindly dropped around by the occupant.

Kj Brophy - 2021-04-21

Great service. Got my parcel sooner than expected. Way better than fastway couriers

Bargainshop Ie - 2021-09-16

Really impressed with customer service. It took 3 mins to track missing parcel, quick and efficient. So different from other couriers companies. Recommended!

Debora Didonè - 2022-08-30

Bad service. No writing saying I had to take the box to a shop. I call and they tell me to wait, only the next day I am informed of the shop available in the town to bring the box. I bring them, they haven't worked with them for 8 months. I'm calling to ask to cancel and get a refund. The operator tells me to call paypal and hangs up. Paypal says they are the ones who first of all have to cancel the order and call gls, they can't make a refund but it's canceled now. The other box, with DHL. They came to pick her up at home on the appointed day and everything was perfect!

Edel Ivanna Colbert - 2022-04-07

Excellent service. Well done!! To the driver in the Fermoy area it is a credit to you! It has been a very long time since a parcel has been personally handed to me at my door and the courier drove up the driveway as well. And to top it all off I was greeted with a smile. Such a professional service!!

Dermot Murphy - 2021-07-20

Parcel arrived when expected and courier was very pleasant...

Chris W - 2023-02-22

It was the first time GLS, delerverd a Parcel to me, from this experience I received it actually earlier than expected, so for me on this one occasion all good thanks to GLS

Erica Collins - 2023-03-16

If I could give 0 stars, I would. It’s been around 3 days now and all the tracking information keeps saying is “parcel can not be delivered due to traffic” then it says “will be delivered during the day” and then repeats. I was supposed to get my package before St Patrick’s Day, but now it looks like I won’t because of a company that has no idea how to do their jobs. Customer service agent Natalie said yesterday on the phone that it would get delivered yesterday but it never came and just repeats the traffic message. Absolutely horrible service too, waiting hours for someone to even get back to my email.

Paul Myrus - 2022-12-08

It's a shame you can't give one star.... they left a 8.5 month pregnant women without essentials, for her hospital stay. Good god, I'll be emailing the companies who we ordered off, to discontinue using GLS

Orla - 2023-06-08

Avoid!!!! Untrustworthy. I've had 2 parcels delivered from these the past 2 days ,and both parcels had been tampered with to see what's inside , i wouldn't trust this company and its drivers. I'll be in touch with the company where I bought my items to let them know what's going on .

Gina K - 2023-05-24

I ordered a perfume from Italy as it is very hard to find and usually would cost €30 more elsewhere. I was very happy with my find. Unfortunately after 4 days in transit from Italy it got stuck somewhere in Ireland. The last update from 15th of May was "the Parcel reached the parcel centre". I have contacted GLS and the sender but they were unable to provide any details. When I called yesterday 23rd of May they said they would start search for it. It is bizzare it has been 11 days since the parcel reached Ireland first on the 12th of May and there is nobody able to see where it was exactly scanned last time and by whom. Btw I live 20 min from the depot in Dublin. I am not sure if I ever see the perfume I was so happy about. Very disappointing! Also the sender keep saying the parcel is in transit and I should have it in a day or two😅. Now just like everybody else here I will never order expensive or valuable items if GLS is the courier! Lesson learnt!!! Edit: I spoke to GLS today on 24/05 and they advised they are unable to locate the parcel and I should contact the seller to request refund or replacement. Obviously I am not going to order from the company again if GLS is involved in shipping. What a joke!! Also I didn't experience any issues with GLS before, but considering that the luxury item is now "missing" I find they inability to locate it or investigate properly shameful.

S Sreenan - 2023-07-18

Shockingly bad to deal with. I will reject and boycott any retailer that chooses GLS as their carrier.

Ana Catalina Zurowski - 2021-07-23

Great services , always fast delivery ,parcel in great condition arrived , i will choose GLS always because is great value and trustworthy people .Thank you Dess, Kriss and all the team you doing a great job 👏👏👏

Mirjana Boromisa - 2022-12-03

Very unprofessional. The package was supposed to be delivered to me 2 days ago, when I contacted GLS they told me that the courier called me and that I didn't answer the phone, that's not true because I didn't miss a call that day or the next day. After that they told me that the package would be delivered on Monday, now the courier called me and said that he was in front of the building. When I arrived in front of the building, the package was left on the street in front of the front door. If I hadn't come, someone would have taken my package. I do not recommend GLS at all, because they are totally unprofessional, that's not how it's done. The courier should wait for the client to collect the package, not leave it on the street and leave. What to do in that case, who is responsible if the package disappears?!

John Ryan - 2022-01-13

No one to answer phones and massive delays

Валерій Романенко - 2022-11-17

Really nice place with good professionals.

Terry Oshea - 2021-11-11

Great service and delivery from COLL-8

Donal Geraghty - 2022-12-23

The first time GLS tried to deliver a package they didn't call or ring the doorbell, they just said the package could not be delivered and it was returned to the factory so to this day I never got that item. Ridiculous. The second time GLS tried to deliver 3 years later they just didn't deliver or give any indication of when they would deliver. I reached out and just picked up the package from the center, which is a nightmare to get to as I don't own a car. GLS, the delivery company who don't actually deliver.

Zoe Wildon - 2022-01-31

Package never came, some of the staff are really rude.

Burakcan Korkmaz - 2021-12-31

Merry Xmas Everybody🎄🇨🇮

Francis Akpomedaye - 2022-01-11

Worse courier service ever, I've had packages sent from Spain for over a month now and I have not received them yet

Sebastian Hartlieb - 2022-12-01

COMEDY!!!!! Unfortunately, it is the worst experience I've ever had. I am trying to send a package to Romania from Dublin. I paid and waited two days for the courier to pick up the package. On the third day after receiving the message that nobody would pick up also that day, I decided to bring the package to the GLS depot. When done this... they started processing this package to send to... Dublin, to me. This is COMEDY. Today I received message package is delivered to me... I wish to mention it should be delivered to Romania not to Dublin Ireland. What are you doing there? ----------- Update: On Saturday evening, my neighbour received a package. I received the package from him on Sunday. Therefore, instead of going to Romania, my package went to Dublin after five days. ----------- Update: The package is collected after 9 days. The company is now engaged in a conversation. That's good news.

Reece Uzell - 2022-05-04

Ordered my parcel it was been delivered by GLS , phoned customer service to track it and the staff were so friendly and helpfully and it was out with the delivery driver that day and delivered. Great service 👏

Gaelle Purfield - 2021-04-08

the 1 star is for the customer care.. When you ring them they actually make you feel that you are bothering them.. PLEASE, if you are not happy in your jpb, QUIT! let someone else getting your salary and not the dole, and they will do a better job. no issues with parcels sent,yet.

Laura Pure - 2022-02-25

Fast and great service. 😊