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😁Very helpful in this crazy time...
😡This is definitely the worst parcel delivery service in the whole country even if they say out for d...

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GLS Ireland Carlow Depot, Wexford Road Business Park, County Carlow
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Ballinacarrig, Wexford Road Business Park, County Carlow, Ireland
Open Hour
Telephone 01860 6200
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Alexander Reeveshamilton - 2023-01-16

This is definitely the worst parcel delivery service in the whole country even if they say out for delivery during the day it could be the next day or even the day after that. They never give you a time You're supposed to just sit in behind the door doing some knitting waiting for your parcel appalling I hate them I don't know why people use the service please anybody use an post or anybody else but GLS, I've had packages left on my front steps which is on the main square of a village anybody passing will just pick it up shocking I have no other words apart from I hate GLS

Kenny Macdonald - 2023-06-08

My parcel has been at the Carlow depot for 10 days already. Its gone back and forth to Dublin three times and promised to be delivered for the last three days but NOTHING! Worst courier company I've ever dealt with as they think they can just tell you lies and that's OK. No idea when my parcel might arrive.

Aivaras V - 2023-07-14

Stop leaving parcels outside in the rain and on the driveway! It's just a matter of time before high-value parcels are stolen or damaged!

Ryan - 2023-04-07

Joke of a service, Was meant to get a damaged parcel returned to sender which is also based in carlow, 10 min drive away, and they couldnt send it back now after 3 days apparently because of traffic issues.

D A - 2021-09-22

GLS is surly the worst delivery company I have dealt with. Not recommended at all. The one stare is the best I could do as there is no option for NO STARS.

Bee Bee - 2023-07-03

Very unprofessional and unreliable Service 👎

Maria Corduano - 2022-12-27

I will never use this company again! I sent a parcel to Ireland over a month ago and still hasn’t arrived. It arrived in Ireland on the 20th December according to my tracking number but hasn’t been delivered to the correct address. It has not left GLS warehouse. We have rang them several times and still waiting on the parcel

Ja Ja - 2021-02-05

Very helpful in this crazy time...

Melissa Wallace - 2021-10-22

They think it's acceptable to throw package over the side gate and leave no note to inform that is where the parcel has been left. Emailed them when I seen the package was marked delivered to a place that wasn't my address and they didn't reply. I rang them then and the woman said if I had contacted them earlier....... I did, I emailed ye 4 days previous! Anyway, it's corriers responsibility to inform customer where a parcel is left! Totally disgusted.

Jim Bob - 2022-08-19

Terrible tracking service. Was told my package was out for delivery but it never arrived. When I called up to see what was happeningI was told that the driver must have been busy and couldn't make all drop offs that day (BS). Item was delivered eventually the following day. 1 month later my brother purchased the same item from the same company and had the exact same issue I had with delivery.

Arianna Martinello - 2020-12-09

NEVER AGAIN !!!! I ordered a mobile phone from Italy which arrived successfully in Ireland at the GLS depot in Carlow and then mysteriously disappeared. NEVER BEEN DELIVERED TO THE RECIPIENT!!!! it was certainly stolen, I was told by the reception after several reminders to find the lost package. Now I will have to contact the shop in Italy and understand how I should proceed for a new shipment or a refund. Sorry I can't give less than one star.

Edward Delaney - 2021-05-18

I was caught unaware by a delivery today, I got a friendly phone call from, I think his name was Jimmy. He was very helpful letting me know my options to get the package. He asked me where I worked, he realised I was only a few minutes from the Carlow depot and he made sure that it would there by the time I finished work today. I live in a different county so it was very efficient of him. Great service, very friendly people to deal with in the depot as well. I couldn't complain.

R “crunchie” T - 2021-10-30

My parcel is still in your parcel centre should I just travel down and collect it?

Sinead Kilduff - 2022-02-25

My friends package was given to her in a very poor state. Half of the contents was broken and the box well you can I.aginw how bad that was.

Megan Deacon - 2022-11-22

My package was thrown from the back road down into my neighbours garden, instead of driving around to my front gate.

Michael Corcoran - 2021-05-25

Still waiting for my delivery. 5 days later my package returned to this centre again. What's going on?

Paul Connell - 2020-06-01

Absolute cowboys. "Couldn't deliver because there was no address" 1. You didn't print the address on the label when you took it from royal mail. 2. There was a full size A4 page on the side of the box with a full address and eircode in 48 font size. How could you miss it? Like I said absolute cowboys

Dylan Maher - 2020-10-28

Worst delivery service in the country avoid at all costs been waiting 2 weeks for them to pick a parcel up off me. Like the rest of the reviews absolute cowboys go use fastway or dpd instead don’t waste your time and money on this absolutely dreadful service

Nikolas40 Gg - 2020-11-27

i paid for next day delivery, i've been waiting eight days !! scammers and thieves.

Anna Hamill - 2020-09-08

My package has been sitting in the Ballinacarrig facility since 31st of August. All queries made regarding the package continue to go unanswered! Tracking indicates that the package is being scanned in the parcel centre TWICE a day yet has not moved an inch. Ironically if checked on a weekday the status claims “In transit - on route to final parcel center” yet on the weekend it’s status says “arrived at final parcel center.” To make matters worse this depot isn’t literally 20-30mins from my home, and was being delivered from within the country!

Aidan Holden - 2021-01-05

You will not answer any phone calls or reply to any emails. I need my package!

Matthew Howard - 2020-11-04

Multiple shipments received late and destroyed.

Clair Bel Maguire - 2021-01-09

Veey hard to find & only did so with help from the guys in the Nissan Showrooms nearby. Once there, the staff were very helpful.

Maccy Mcdonagh - 2020-07-09

I ordered a item from France, the courier was GLS Europe, it took approx 7 days in all, tracking was adequate, I was not given an approx time for the delivery day so had to stay at home and cancel other appointments. My item arrived around 3.15pm. My main concern was the terrible reviews that I only saw after I had placed my order, so it was a somewhat nerve racking experience, having said that all my goods arrived & nothing missing, the driver was a nice fella, an probably ran ragged with this Covid business! My experience was ok all in all, and in my case a happy outcome, thanks GLS..

Chris Mccullagh - 2020-10-22

Have had my package from screwfix for the past 20 days now, the phone just rings out if you try to call and there voicemail is full (from other angry customers I'm guessing) I contacted their head office made sure they had my correct address and eircode and was told it would be with me in a few days that was 2 and a half weeks ago I now consider my order stolen and have had to start a paypal claim to get my money back. I advise you to avoid both screwfix and gls in ireland.

Paddy W - 2020-09-29

Order sat in Ballinacarrig depot for 2 weeks. No one answering calls only email contact. Automated generic response to queries. 1 parcel of 4 of order finally delivered after its 3rd week sitting in ballinacarrig depot. Gls then signed off on order as being delivered complete. Never got the other 3 parts of the order. GLS lost them. Screwfix use this company for Irish deliveries, avoid both until Screwfix improves their customer service, drops these clowns and uses a different courier service.

Maija Trektere - 2020-10-07

My parcel receive in parcel centre 4 day ago..but I still not receive my parcel

Louise Kearney - 2020-07-11

Van to full to bring in several occasions not acceptable!

Michael O Dwyer - 2020-05-07

A parcel I am waiting for has been sitting in this facility for 11 days it took one day to get to there fro northern Ireland I live 30 minutes s away from this facility and its there 11 days can't get in contact with them seems when they are under pressure they close all phone lines so you can't contact them telephone lines

Paul Stafford - 2019-10-24

never had any issues with gls . always very helpful

Tomasz Lewandowski - 2020-07-22

Great 😀😀😀

Kenneth Plant - 2020-08-20

Joke of a place

Eve J - 2018-02-22

By own admission doesn't get around to delivering parcels.

Oisin Doyle - 2020-06-03

Says issue with address. Been sitting in warehouse for 2 weeks. Disgrace. Dpd puts them to shame

Damo Collier - 2021-06-19

Nice staff

Jannik Großekatthöfer - 2019-03-18

This company is a fake. Do not transfer money to this company.

Calin Adam - 2020-07-17

Worst place ever. Couldn't even deliver my parcel. They are supposed to be a logistics company. Avoid

Corey Bowes - 2020-12-05

Package not delivered on time, suppose to be delivered Friday but now have to wait till Monday

Tim Mccarthy - 2018-03-21

I got the parcel thank god

Lee Jj - 2018-08-17


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