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😁I did a review earlier about a missing parcel. I have though contacted costumer service in Cork and ...
😡twice I ordered from Gls and twice I was disappointed, very poor quality company! In both cases, I a...

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GLS Ireland Cork Depot, Blarney Business Park, County Cork
Type Shop & Service Point
Address New Mallow Rd, Clogheenmilcon, Blarney Business Park, County Cork, Ireland
Open Hour
Telephone 01860 6200
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Alexandrina Stipan - 2023-07-24

twice I ordered from Gls and twice I was disappointed, very poor quality company! In both cases, I am told that the package has arrived, but I do not receive any call from the courier, nor is the package delivered, how is it possible that the package is not delivered to me in both cases!???? neither does he return the money, nor did I receive the order? where does the company's administration look? how do your couriers work??? and who will compensate my losses? very disappointing!

Elisabete Ferreira - 2023-05-23

Tracking my parcel online, states it was delivered... well, to whom?! Not me, that's for sure. Been home all day and no one even came near! Whoever has my package, please enjoy my hardworking money! Disappointed in the the nicest word I can come up with to describe the service of GLS.

Beta Ferreira - 2023-07-05

I did a review earlier about a missing parcel. I have though contacted costumer service in Cork and the package was tracked and retrieved promply by the driver. I appreciated the effort made to revieve my package. I guess the mistake is not the focus here, but instead the respect and honesty they had for me as a costumer.

Cmbireland Power - 2023-07-07

Appalling service from the Cork branch! no pickups in a remotely timely manner!

Ellen Campbell - 2023-04-03

This is a complete joke of a company. Instead of delivering my parcel to my address they delivered it to a completely different address. My address starts with my house name as it is the middle of the country side and they delievered it to a property with a house number 8 . Nowhere in my address is there a number 8 !! I have contacted customer service over the phone on at least 10 different occasions , i have been hung up on 4 of those times. Each time i give them my tracking number they tell me its been delivered to a completely different address . A dispute was logged with the driver who had 2 working days to resolve the issue and nothing had happened even though I gave them my work address in the middle of the town to deliver it to . It says that the package was delievered on the 7th of march and I have given them nearly a month to solve this and ive been on the phone to them at least twice a week since then . I just got off the phone with one of their agents who has said the driver was unable to retrieve the package .Why didnt they contact me !!I asked what was going to happen next and she said they driver is liable financially for the package and that i need to contact the company and get a replacement order sent out . This is utterly outrageous and a complete DISGRACE of a company .

Sham Moon - 2022-12-09

they dont answer their email totally incompetent

Emer Walsh - 2022-09-23

Driver "attempted delivery" which is completely incorrect as I sat and waiting for my delivery..its very convenient that the tracker gets update after 5pm when no customer service us open..shocking service

Dave Meagher - 2023-02-08

I cant describe how bad this was and I cant understand why a company like this exists. Why bother using a courier when anpost can deliver it 3 times faster???? But good news according to GLS I had a holiday yesterday................. If a Holiday involves changing your day around for a delivery that didn't come 2 days running then yayyyyyyyyy. I was promised it would be delivered again today and then I called CS the line dropped. I can't describe how annoyed I am ....I'm fuming. 2 days sitting around like a simpleton and according to GLS I was on holidays Detailed Shipment tracking 08/02/2023 07:34 The parcel is expected to be delivered during the day. Ireland Clogheenmilcon 08/02/2023 06:16 The parcel has reached the parcel center. Ireland Clogheenmilcon 08/02/2023 06:13 The parcel is stored in the final parcel center. It could not be delivered as the consignee is on holidays. Ireland Clogheenmilcon 07/02/2023 07:36 The parcel is expected to be delivered during the day. Ireland Clogheenmilcon 07/02/2023 06:09 The parcel has reached the parcel center. Ireland Clogheenmilcon 03/02/2023 21:34 The parcel was handed over to GLS. Ireland 03/02/2023 18:30 The parcel has been picked up by GLS. Ireland 03/02/2023 15:26 The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.

Noelle Mulcahy - 2022-07-28

My driver was Adrian and he went above and beyond. He was incredibly helpful and Courteous - We need more people like Adrian in the world!

Ryan O Mahony - 2022-11-07

Package "delivered" yet no sign of it anywhere and they don't answer calls... terrible service.

Sheila Wolfe - 2021-08-05

I just want to say a BIG Thank you for my delivery. Our lane entrance is closed due to road works and i was worried i would not get my delivery The Driver went out of his way and went round to where we have a pedestrian entrance and delivered my package I am impressed !!!

Oisin Medlar - 2023-03-22

Just got my delivery, the parcel was thrown at the door (thankfully it contained nothing fragile) and I was never asked to sign for it despite being home.

Katarzyna Skawinska - 2023-01-21

The package was wrongly delivered, to totally different address, on the 30th of December... Emailed the customer service, they waited for the driver to come to work to sort things out and i never got it sorted. Emailed them again 3 days ago and noone is replying.

Karolina Gesior - 2022-06-18

terrible service. my order has been in Cork for four days (covid isn't a good excuse in summer 2022). stay away from this company!!!

Frances Shilling - 2022-11-26

Fake updates about attempted delivery and traffic problems 🙄

Liam Mccarthy - 2023-04-05

Great Service, delivered on time

Georgie Walsh - 2022-01-04

Don't reply to your emails, calls and the delivery takes ages. Very bad customer service. Would avoid

Barry Houlihan - 2022-12-24

3rd time package hasn't arrived on time to address in West cork, out for delivery since December 21st, emailed no response, called them but no response on customer service line, last few times I've emailed they respond the day after the package is delivered (generally 2 to 3 days after it says out for delivery) shocking service

Sarah - 2022-10-28

Shocking courier service. They don't know their head from their elbow and the lack of customer service is appalling cannot contact the Cork Depot they re direct you to Dublin . Give you explanations on no delivery that make no sense and then hang up the phone on you when you tell them you're unhappy and will be making a formal complaint and this a member of customer service. Joke avoid at all costs Update :said parcel that they said was being sent back to the manufacture was just delivered to me ? 8 days late then expected delivery date . So all misinformation being told .

Owen Murphy - 2022-07-15

Easy to talk when when parcel was brought to wrong house but that was got to do with the eircodes ,driver came back and got parcel and I talked him to my front door,we all need a hand now and again.

Ski5666 - 2023-03-22

A Joke of a so called company

Feg 9 - 2021-12-21

This company is a joke. Never rang the bell, just left a text message that they're downstairs but when I went there, guess what? There was no one there. Didn't bother to ring the bell, don't answer at the phone number that left the text message. It's better to use a pigeon to deliver something than GLS.

Alisa Vinnik - 2022-12-21

My parcel was delayed, it's been more than two weeks since I placed an order and nothing has arrived yet

Emon - 2022-09-15

Shocking service. Left my parcel sitting in the depot left on "in delivery" status every day for over a week when really they had no intention of delivering it anytime soon. I got so sick of waiting i ended up driving to the depot to collect it myself (an hour and a half of a journey) even when I got to the depot staff took about 20 minutes to find it. Shocking service and I would avoid this company like the plague. Unless you want to end up doing their job for them.

Manny Lechuck - 2022-06-20

Bad courier. He didn't even know where the house was and he said he came. When he came a few days later he said the address is not right, he was rude, he didn't check my address only the eircode on Google maps, I show him checking in finder.eircode or in G. Maps by my address and when he saw he wasn't right he just went away. Hopefully I dont have to meet people like this anymore.

Dwoc100 - 2021-07-27

Repeated late deliveries from them. They make keep asking for address and directions when the address and eircode are clearly on the front of the package! And happens repeatedly! Trying to hurry the delivery is impossible, a pain to deal with

Shane Kelleher - 2021-11-03

Hi. Delivery driver came to door and said he had a parcel that may be Christmas related so wanted to be sure small eyes wouldn't see it. A picture of the present was on the side so potential disaster avoided. Much appreciated (Driver had a white beard so maybe.......)

Savage Fishing - 2022-08-19

Bottom of the tree as far as couriers go and that opinion will be emphatically endorsed when you use them. Try and avoid buying on line from companies that use GLS. It tells you all you need to know if they are dealing with this shower of incompetents

Kevin Crowley - 2021-01-05

Very helpful staff at the Cork office. My urgent delivery was delayed due to covid, but the team in the cork office were incredibly efficient and helpful in finding my package and having it delivered as fast as possible.

Maria Stamova - 2022-01-20

DO NOT USE GLS LOGISTICS!!! Hopefully this post would prevent another person from living through this nightmare. I had the worst customer experience and would not ever again do business with this joke of a logistics company! GLS LOST a parcel with all Christmas presents for my family and loved ones and kept consistently lying that it was outbound on the way to the final destination for over a month. It finally turned out that it had been lost and no satisfactory search was conducted to find it. What is even more devastating is that while this scam lasted we lost family members who are no longer among us to receive their Christmas present. There are things which cannot be compensated with a lost parcel claim..

Dillon Barry - 2020-12-03

Ridiculous experience I've not experienced with another delivery company. I live in an apartment, please get it into your heads how to manage a delivery to an apartment in the middle of the city. Similar to a previous review with false reasons: Day 1-10 Unable to deliver as reception was closed. Multiple times. There is no reception, which I advised support and they said they told the driver. Gate access is for residents only and has no parking for vans, only spaces for residents. There is side-access all around the building for apartment entrances. Day 10-15: Needed more delivery info. Got onto support, they updated but it took a few days. Day 15-17:Again reception marked as closed. I advised them to call me if they were at the gate. Received no call. Day 17-30: Contacted Help desk again. Asked them to update delivery to a new address to my parents home, as I was sick of the driver's lies. Day 30+: Still no response or update to multiple emails/support updates. Still waiting for package to be delivered. Keep receiving tracking updates that more info is needed. If I order online and the store uses GLS, I'm just going to cancel in the future. Seriously, please learn how to manage apartment deliveries. Only one other delivery company (Fastway) has struggled with this. Amazon, fedex, an post, dpd, all of those have done perfectly.

Luc Racine - 2020-10-12

Last parcel was stuck 11 days in Blarney, thd address was correct but missing the post code. A current parcel is now 10 days in Blarney for the same reason. You eventually will reach them on the phone but nothing is being done. Zero marks if i could.

Kinia Q - 2021-02-03

He left note when I was at home so I went out to chase him. I knocked on the door of his van but he hit the gas and went off. I was looking at him standing on the street and saw he stopped at the shop nearby and left my package there. Unbelievable

Chris Sanon - 2021-01-25

I’m not one to complain but when your package is delayed for the 2nd time and no one knows why then there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. I saw the reviews and tough it can’t be true, unfortunately it is this company is by far the worst when it comes to delivery. They will never tell you why your package is delayed, they never know where it’s been, and furthermore expect delay even when it’s supposed to be delivered the day they said they would but failed to do so. And the customer service well I don’t think it’s polite to even talk about them since they are the same. Let’s just say you have a better chance doing it all yourself than them doing it for you. And that’s really sad knowing they should have basic information on your package and tell you when they can deliver said package.

Tony Collins - 2020-12-30

No problem for a few deliveries, usually quick and ahead of schedule. Tracking online works very well for me.

Christine Klein - 2021-09-27

First time dealing with them and I AM NOT satisfied AT ALL.... Someone wanted to send me a parcel via GLS on WEDNESDAY and left it there and no info at all until she tried to track it on Saturday as I mentioned to her that I still did not get my parcel. When she tracked it she got the info < The pickup request has been cancelled as there were no goods to be picked up>. So no info at all they didnt pick it up and never gave an answer. So we tried to call them, of course not available on the weekend and today when I FINALLY reached them, the customer service agent (nice fella) got in contact with them. He then told me they did not give any reason or apology or just an explanation for the cancellation. He then promised me that it will definitely be dealt with today. Then I heard there is no driver for Cork-Kerry so it needs to go to Dublin first - if I am lucky I will get it on Wednesday IF! Nightmare and not cheap either... NOT using them again thats for sure!!

Nikki Kitley - 2021-04-18

No issues with their service, delivered when said they would.

Barbara Biscardi - 2021-02-09

Absolute crooks. This geniouses managed to bring my parcel all the way to Italy, kept it there for 10 days and then returned it to Ireland on the grounds that my own home address was incomplete on the box. Apparently it is up to me to check that they do not mess up, like a toddler needing to hold their hand, they chose not to deliver becuase the 2 phone numbers, email address and postal addresses were insufficient contact details. Jokes

John Twomey - 2020-09-16

While shopping in Iceland ballincollig yesterday,I had one of your driver's stood a ft behind me and not wearing a mask,is this your policy during this pandemic?? He was so close at 1 stage he stood on the back of my foot.only the fact my wife was there saved the driver from me taking action in relation to my safety,ie slapping him around the shop

Matthew Reynolds - 2021-02-12

Three emails sent, three emails ignored. They had attempted to deliver but had not put my supplied eircode on the order. It's now 3 days later, and it looks like my package won't be here this week. Just curious what the point in us getting eircodes was if delivery services don't know how to use them. Absolute joke of a service, with a farcical description on google, "High quality at it's focal point", high quality what? Parcel storage? Note: If ordering from here "Expected to be delivered today" means "Not going to be delivered today".

Deirdre O Sullivan - 2021-02-04

I wouldn't even have given 1 star if I had the option. I sent a huge parcel with GLS weeks ago. I rang after a week as it hadn't been delivered(within the country) i was told they would look into it. "4days later I rang again to be told "oh that enquiry is closed now, apply for refund here"... and that was it. 3 more phone calls and all with the same rehearsed line said. No apologies, no answers to my questions and absolutely no contact from them. If I hadn't followed it up id imagine I still wouldn't know. There are 2 little girls out there now that haven't received a box full of Christmas and birthday presents and I can't do anything about it now thanks to covid and brexit. Never will I use GLS again, absolutely shocking customer service!

Pipi Lotta - 2020-09-10

I am shocked what they did with the extra strong hard plastic boxes we dropped there to send them to Germany. Nobody told us glass is not insured.Even tough the guy who took the boxes ( very friendly...what is the only positive things I can say about that company ) saw them and said everything will be insured in case something would happened! Emma who is somehow in the costumer service just know how to akt like a computer and does not take any responsibility.Even tough the GLS company where you sended a package is responsible for it if something would happened to the packages. Manager never called me back!!! 3 of 8 our relocation parcels were completely broken.One plastic box disappeared and they put some things what where in the box in a cardboard box!!!!!What is going on!!!! This is breaking the secrecy of correspondence. How unpleasant knowing somebody moved your private stuff in another box???!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't wonder myself if things are missing too. Did they stole the box or broke it? How you can destroy a box like that. Just with pure brutality and impertinence! And now as it comes to a statement of them and taking care, they not want to take any responsibility!!! I hope we will get any compensation, but it seems to be a long way!!!! Horrible company!!!

Przemek - 2020-12-22

the worst courier company in the world. I've been waiting for a package from Great Britain for over a week and I don't know where it is at this moment. I called the gls and they will tell me to wait for the parcel because they are busy. Every time I order shipments from UK, they go to me about two days, and gls over a week and I'm still waiting

Geraldine Naughton - 2020-07-07

Absolutely appalling service in cork, my parcel spent a week in transit, driver supposedly couldn't find address, when everything was supplied including Eircode and phone number, and was dropped to a totally different person where I eventually had to pick up myself. Very poor courier service.

Sean Moylan - 2019-07-19

Have received a few parcels through GLS and have found them to be very good. Also arranged a collection in their offices in Little Island and this was made trouble free.

Stephanie D - 2019-06-14

i was home all day and received an email from GLS stating that they missed me today to deliver my parcel....but i was home? then i received an email stating that they had given my parcel the a neighbour by the name of Brien...?? they did not give me the address of the person they gave my parcel too so how can i find it? i don't know any Brien so i have no clue where my parcel is. this is not good enough, i did not receive any phone call from them on that day either. tried calling but its a waste of time, i was left waiting and waiting for nothing only to be sent to a voice mail service that was full. i've tried emailing with no reply! an absolute disgrace!!

Anna Prendergast - 2020-09-12

I placed an order on Monday. Received an email to say it will be delivered 2/3 days. Next i tracked it and could see its with Gls and seen even ti put my post code on the order it was now not on the dispatch so I called the customer service to add it Thursday. They did and advised I would get delivery next day Friday. Again nect day I tracked the order and could see its to be delivered between 9 and 6, at 5 o clock I was getting anxious as its a birthday present for my daughter on Saturday so I called again eventually got through and was told it will be delivered that they have a lot of parcels on board and that it will be delivered they have till 6 o clock. I waited and waited and no delivery 😪. Not its Saturday no delivery no customer service open to contact and the tracking still says being delivered Friday. Why have tracking information showing when its clearly incorrect and why have a customer service line open that clearly can't do a simple job ???

Cathal Oconaill - 2020-11-16

Very poor service. Dishonest updates and excuses for failed delivery. Package with them for four days and still not delivered Day 1 Unable to deliver as reception was closed! Delivery was to a private home. Addressee on holidays! Certainly news to me during a level 5 lockdown. Day 2: Confirmed with their help line that the parcel was due delivery as per their web site. No Delivery Day 3: No update. No delivery Day 4: Contacted Help desk again. Told that it was with a new driver. Definitely will be delivered. Confirmed that the driver had a contact number. 4pm the international senders site recorded a failed delivery due to incomplete address. Still out for delivery on GLS site The sender had forwarded a picture of the label . Full address is on it twice, plus the phone number. Still trying to get my delivery

David _ - 2020-10-30

The package is in some kind of storage area 20 minutes away and it has been there for 3 days..... I've been waiting for 1 week and 2 days. Still not here, it says it should come between 24-72 hrs.

Ольга Леонович - 2020-10-24

Would like to give -1 star. Not recommend this delivery courier. Was tracking my parcel and was showing that parcel should be delivered during the day, was all day home waiting for my parcel. At 5 p.m. checking my parcel tracking and what i see...parcel delivered at 16.23😳😳and signed by another person😳😳i was shocked how it's can heppen like that, as no any delivery van was aroun at this time around my home. The driver gave my parcel to someone else🙈🤔there was address name and phone number, how that can happen. So they don't care to who they deliver...very very bad service!!!!!BUT thanks to the person who got my parcel and delivered to me next day😊😊So the driver couldn't find my address but the person find it!!!redicoulos...