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😁Very good service left exactly where I said. And updated the tracking every time very good delivery ...
😡My parcel had a note written by sender with a marker in large writing " Please deliver to door. Do ...

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GLS Ireland Knock Depot, Knock Airport Business Park, County Mayo
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Carrowmore, Knock Airport Business Park, County Mayo, Ireland
Open Hour
Telephone 01860 6200
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Edward Collins - 2023-07-25

My parcel had a note written by sender with a marker in large writing " Please deliver to door. Do not leave at gate or inside wall " It was left at gate with a large hole in the plastic wrapping which meant, had it been raining, the feather and down filling of the enclosed costly coat would have been irreparably damaged. A shambles of a service.

Kieran Caheny - 2023-05-17

Very good service left exactly where I said. And updated the tracking every time very good delivery I think. I would defo recommend

Leonie Conway - 2023-02-15

I would give it zero stars if I could. Absolutely shocking service

Ca - 2023-07-03

My parcel was left with a neighbor but no note or call was left for me. When tracking it doesn’t show as delivered but on Sunday my neighbor came to hand me the box. How could I know that? Am I a psychic? Terrible service.

Martina O' Donnell - 2022-05-05

Very helpful man on the staff and good value

Pollyanna Joyce - 2023-02-09

AWFUL! Delivery driver left my package an hour away from my house. My eircode was clearly on the package. No apology. When I rang the knock depot they admitted that the driver regularly does this. My signature was also forged

Westley Freeman - 2022-02-04

Parcel arrived on time and the driver was very friendly. Very happy with the service.

Sasa Ritlop - 2022-08-09

Waiting all day to collect my parcel driver never come or contact me

Claire Herlihy - 2022-08-18

Spoke with some in the mayo depot yesterday (didn't get his name) he was very helpful and I received my package this morning, thank you !

Agata Rzeszowska - 2021-12-14

Delivered to completely wrong address even with provided eircode ! Impossible to get through to costumer services . Jackie rang me just to tell me it’s delivered to some number 8 house nowhere near me

Janis Kancans - 2022-08-11


Eezi Pc - 2021-12-25

Easy to drop off a parcel

Rob B - 2021-08-16

I’d give it 0 stars if I could! This company is a joke, nobody picks up the phone, on their website they say that it wasn’t possible to deliver it, but they didn’t even come to our house! This isn’t the first time. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, horrible customer service!

Elizabeth Whelan - 2021-01-27

Wish 0 stars was possible. Called them and was first in the queue but somehow no one could answer the phone. I was then prompted to leave a message but the mailbox was full. They don't respond to the Contact Us option on their website or reply on Facebook or Twitter. Pathetic. Do not use if you can avoid. Also, they shipped my parcel back to the sender without even trying to contact me to complete delivery.

Michael Cutler - 2020-09-02

Real gentleman dealt with me. Delivery sent to UK good service. Perfect

Cecilia Sheeran - 2019-08-26

I've had a serious amount of business with GLS, over the last few months, as the receiptiant of parcels. I can honestly say that I've nothing only praise for the Knock depot and their drivers. I get an email (usually 3) before delivery telling me when to expect my parcel and then an email informing me of delivery. Very efficient - many thanks. A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Gillian Cafferkey - 2021-02-05

It's a shame there is not an option for no stars as GLS do not even deserve 1 star. They emailed me saying my parcel was delivered when it wasn't. They then delivered it the next day. Why lie and mislead people who then assume parcel is missing. Shockingly bad service.

Stella Venturi - 2020-12-06

Would give zero stars if I could. The most horrific delivery experience i have ever had. Unprofessional, left package In a nearby hotel but gave me no note of this, i tried to call and email numerous times with no success and only found out where the package was cause the hotel staff were nice enough to let me know. Do not use this company. Will also let know the shop i bought from and discourage them from using GLS.

Camilla Brown - 2021-12-29

I had a delivery today from GLS, l was really impressed by their service. I had a call 5 minutes prior to delivery, the driver arrived exactly at the time he'd said he would. He handed over my parcel which l signed for. His name was David (l think!) l was really surprised by his friendly manner which made a welcome change from the rude service l've had from other couriers. Thank GLS well done.

Sarah Conaghan - 2020-05-18

Parcel posted from Belfast correct address to Roscommon costing £17 to post it was sent over a week ago no answer to phone it has been tracked to knock mayo parcel is in Knock and still not forwarded to us in Roscommon person who sent it is very annoyed she lives in Belfast what else can we do as it far outside or limit to drive there

Paul Mcintyre - 2020-09-29

Driver for the delivery was very friendly a gent about everything parcel was delivered safely

Mark Quigley - 2020-06-02

Very difficult to find simple information on their website. I tried to set up a Parcel Shop account. Could'nt find out if the package is delivered to an address or to another parcel shop. Unclear information. Was getting errors etc when I went to register, proceeded, entered all the shipping details including Eircode etc, then when I proceeded the address was jumbled & didnt show the Eircode. No preview of the shipping label available prior to payment. At that point I gave up & closed the window & used another shipper. GLS.. Sort out your website. Google a thing called UX design.

Aleksej Nemnasev - 2020-06-01

Parcel sitting in knock depot from Germany for a couple of weeks, wasnt even notified that it was attemts to be delivered eather, absolutly nothing from them.And in the end the parcel went back to Germany.what a brilliant way to deal with your customers.waisted my time and the sellers time,avoid GLS if this is the way they do business.

Kate Sexton - 2020-10-16

Sorry that there isn't an option for no stars. My goods were ordered on the 15th September and handed over to GLS on the 16th September. I still haven't received them despite numerous phone calls and emails. Yesterday I was told that both packages were in front of the representative I spoke with and would be delivered to me today between 10:00 and 11:00. Its now 16:27 and they still haven't arrived. I've spoken with 3 different members of staff today but have neither received my packages nor an answer as to where they are.

Geraldine O'hara - 2020-06-22

Have had nothing but bad service from one driver, always seem to get him, left first parcel hanging on gate away from my house, threw another over a wall , no calls prior to leaving them. Has gone twice to a village 30 kms away with my delivery, event though full address and eircode was on both parcels. Told a boutique I had a large dog roaming outside and he was afraid, I have a black pug who is only out with us.

Marite Veidenbauma - 2020-07-31

I still waiting for parsel the parsel is in Knock depot no attemps for trying to delivery or phone call from delivery man.many times for trying to contact them and no answer to me.Don t use that service

Eleanor Mcgarry - 2020-07-14

Impossible to get through to them. Shockingly bad service when you do & then one week later, still no delivery.

Michael Durkan - 2019-07-11

Ignorant clown driving a plain white van in Merlin Park hospital, shouting abuse at pedestrians after 12 on the 11/07/19. When confronted he had a GLS uniform and was very fast at running into his van. All caught on video, will be uploaded to Youtube after the Gardai give back evidence. Maybe drug test the vermin in future

Pedro Scott - 2020-10-14

Below average service. Extremely slow and unreliable. Will never recommend to anyone. Choose DPD couriers instead

Mille L - 2020-08-28

I wrote twice to customer service (with number of the parcel) and never received answer .

Matthew Howard - 2020-11-04

Multiple shipments received late and destroyed.

Mark E - 2020-04-24

Over a week waiting on a parcel ended up getting it collected in the depot myself

David Rowley - 2019-06-13

Fantastic facility

Cesar Belepe M M - 2020-05-13


Daniel - 2020-03-19


Miroslav Singliar - 2021-06-24


David Harrington - 2020-06-28


Arturs Rukers - 2020-02-28


Martin Ditchburn - 2019-07-17


Emeka Ikwukeme - 2020-06-22


Skye Murphy - 2021-01-05


David Harrington - 2020-11-17


Krzysztof Kaflowski - 2020-04-17


Michael - 2023-04-08