Is Cash-on-Delivery (COD) Service Available at DPD Ireland?

Searching for reliable courier services in Ireland that accommodate your unique requirements? DPD Ireland, renowned for its exceptional courier services, stands out in the myriad of choices available. But a common question that comes up is: Does DPD Ireland provide a Cash-on-Delivery (COD) option?

Let’s delve into this.

Understanding Cash-on-Delivery

Before discussing DPD’s offerings, it’s essential to grasp the idea behind Cash-on-Delivery. Essentially, COD allows the receiver to make payment at the time of delivery rather than in advance. It provides an added layer of security and trust for both the buyer and the seller. The payment could be in the form of cash, cheque, or any other agreed-upon method.

DPD Ireland’s Stance on COD

DPD Ireland offers an analogous service to Cash-on-Delivery, known as cheque on delivery. However, it’s not a default service and necessitates registration. This offering is a testament to DPD’s commitment to catering to diverse client needs and ensuring optimal satisfaction.

For individuals keen on availing this specific service, steps are simple. It’s paramount to register beforehand. How? One would need to get in touch with their nearest DPD depot. This link is a gateway to finding the closest depot to your location, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Why Choose DPD Ireland?

Beyond their cheque on delivery option, DPD Ireland boasts a plethora of features that make them a top choice for courier services. Their consistent performance, reliable delivery timelines, and expansive network ensure parcels reach their destination in pristine condition and on time.


While DPD Ireland may not have the traditional Cash-on-Delivery service, their cheque on delivery option is a commendable alternative. Always aiming to serve their customers better, DPD offers solutions tailored to diverse needs. And if one’s requirements align with cheque on delivery, reaching out and registering with the nearest depot is the way forward.