Top 10 Expert Recommendations for Dispatching Parcels with An Post

One understands the precision and care you pour into every package you send. Therefore, one has curated a list of best practices to ensure your parcel not only reaches its destination on time but also in perfect condition.

  1. Select a service that aligns perfectly with your preferences – be it affordability, speed, or security.
  2. Double-check that the recipient’s address is up-to-date, accurate, and thorough.
  3. For Dublin-bound parcels, remember to append the postal district number (like Dublin 3) and the respective Eircode for precision.
  4. Always inscribe a return address on the upper left section, enabling undelivered packages to find their way back to you.
  5. Ensure you affix the appropriate postage, considering the parcel’s dimensions, weight, and final stop.
  6. Fasten the parcel or close the envelope securely to guarantee that the contents remain intact and the delivery punctual.
  7. For international shipping, adhere to the necessary stickers like Airmail or customs tags.
  8. Scrutinise your packaging material for robustness, and don’t forget to label items that are delicate or breakable.
  9. Refrain from dispatching restricted commodities, especially liquids, beyond Irish shores.
  10. Preserve your proof of postage – especially the unique number for traceable packages, until you receive confirmation of a successful delivery.

Embracing these principles will elevate your shipping experience with An Post, ensuring peace of mind with every parcel dispatched. Trust in the expertise and let your deliveries shine!