Missed Your An Post Delivery? Here’s What to Do

If one ever finds oneself in a situation where an An Post delivery is missed, fear not. There are multiple paths one can take to ensure the package is soon in one’s hands:

  • Head over to the local Delivery Service Unit. Ensure one has the ‘Missed Delivery Notice‘ with them, commonly known as the Docket In Box (DIB) notice. To retrieve the package, personal identification like a driver’s licence will be necessary.
  • Thinking of sending someone else to pick it up? That’s possible. However, one must first sign the ‘Missed Delivery Notice‘. The person collecting, referred to as the agent, needs to present this signed notice and their own ID at the collection point.
  • If one prefers the convenience of having the item delivered again, simply schedule a redelivery online. Keep in mind, opting for redelivery to the original or an alternative address may take between 3 to 5 working days.
  • Did one expect a delivery but hasn’t seen the DIB notice? It’s likely that the package is still en route. Patience is key.