Actions to Take if Your An Post Delivery is Compromised

When dealing with a compromised post from An Post, it’s essential for one to be aware of the following points:

  • Often, the damage can result from packaging that’s either of inadequate quality or not the right size for the contents.
  • If An Post identifies any damaged items, they might encase them in a protective plastic bag to avoid any further deterioration.
  • Despite meticulous efforts to ensure the post reaches the recipient intact and unopened, there might be instances where envelopes suffer damage during machine sorting.
  • Although An Post employs waterproof apparatus for deliveries, there’s no absolute assurance that the post will remain dry during unfavorable weather conditions.

One should always retain the compromised or opened post, including its packaging, as it might be required for further inspection.

If one finds their post missing, damaged, or tampered with, the best course of action is to reach out directly via the contact form. Alternatively, forms can also be obtained from any nearby post or delivery office.