Reasons for Delays in An Post Deliveries

Typically, An Post ensures the prompt delivery of standard post items within one to two days from the dispatch date. However, the occasional delay, while rare, can be attributed to a handful of reasons.

The primary cause of such interruptions often stems from addresses that are either incorrect, incomplete, or simply challenging to decipher.

Yet, this isn’t the sole reason. Delays can occur due to:

  • Mailings dispatched post the day’s final collection.
  • Challenges associated with accessing the destination property.
  • For international shipments, they might pass through various postal services, facing potential hold-ups at customs.
  • The management of restricted items can also pose delays.

In instances where delivery was attempted but failed, one would find a ‘sorry we missed you’ notice from us. It’s essential to heed the guidelines outlined on this note.

If one’s standard post hasn’t been received within a span of five business days from its dispatch date, or in 15 days for international mail, it’s recommended to either use our contact platform or source an inquiry form from a nearby An Post office or delivery outlet.